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At ordinary times the flesh that people can have a lot of sort is tasted, this includes chicken among them, the Chinese still likes to eat chicken very muchA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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, the flesh of chicken is compared character delicate, the method of cooking also has a lot of, can the cate with various make it will eat, as a whole, the nutrition of chicken is very rich, contain a lot offor instance protein and a variety of microelement, everybody should learn a few chicken that make moreSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Method, so does chicken need scald water how long?

Chicken scald water how long?

Chicken scald water how long?

Put chicken in the water that heats to pass namely, scoop up next. So OK the hematic fishy smell of eliminate chicken, return the purine that can reduce chicken. Time is commonly 5 minutes good ·

Because the firepower when scald water is different, because this cannot press time to judge, the facial expression that can view chicken changes. The flesh kind raw material becomes angry afterwards through boiled water scald can, after fish out drop does moisture, can undertake next cook.

Chicken scald water how long?

Scald water note:

1, quantity of the water when scald water should have done not have raw material, flip through when the otherwise in scald water process raw material, make raw material departmental cent be heated is even.

2, the raw material such as flesh of chicken, duck, tendons of beef, square flesh, before scald water must abluent, the scald in boiler of devoted boiling water is ironed can fish out, time does not grow too, lest the little taste of loss raw material.

3, the raw material of special to having odour should be apart scald water. For instance abdomen of flesh of leek, celery, flocks and herds, pig, lest adsorption is mixed between all sorts of raw material,permeate peculiar smell, affect the taste of raw material.

The chicken that will buy above all, stripping and slicing, be abluent! Proposal cold water rinses warm perhaps water here, waterForum of Shanghai night net

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temperature scarcely can be exorbitant, can affect chicken result otherwise.

Prepare cooking wine, with Jiang Mo! Here will be best cut very small end state, basically be to go out here of fishy smell. Put the Jiang Mo that has cut into the basin, mix with chicken, guide at the same time a few cooking wine.

Chicken scald water how long?

After mixing chicken, above of on half hour is put in salver, let itsForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Be united in wedlock adequately. Achieve thereby go the effect of raw meat or fish! Cooking wine and Jiang Mo are to go out of fishy smell match absolutely!

The hot water that gets ready to had been about to be burned, a lot of people ask about put away of ground hot water, be still cold water put away? Actually should hot water is good, why so say that? Because cold water is put,this isForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Easy dissipation chickenShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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nutrient composition, cannot take so. Boiling water boiler is particularly additionally comfortable at processing the meat kind in fishy smell is small, corrupt the raw material with little blood is like square flesh, chicken, duck, tendons of beef, wait. If be pig large intestine,need cold water!

Back-to-back move puts chicken in boiler, boil probably on 2 to 3 minutes, this time is fastened too long, because the purpose is eliminate among them magazine, is not the chicken that boil.

After chicken scald water, put into cold water, the bubble the surface is abluent, and keep clear of the chicken feather above chicken, right now discovery can have the chicken feather of a few. Calculate water of scald of the chicken that finish next.