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After remarks of the metropolis on the milk box that we drink at ordinary times opens bottle inside 24 hours drinkable, exceed this time milk to be able to deteriorate. The time that if be to develop the milk powder of drink to should shorten more,sets, give darling taken milk powder especially, normal temperature falls not to exceed two hours, exceeded this time to be not taken to darling, lest create the situation such as have loose bowels. Later development introduced specific arrangements, have a look together.

 Milk powder was not drunk can put how long

Milk powder was not drunk can put how long

1, deposit below normal temperature cannot exceed 2 hours

No matter be the recipe milk powder of what brand, after mom are good to bubble to darling, normal temperature remain after deduction is put cannot exceed 2 hours, after more than two hours, cannot drink to darling.

2, deposit do not exceed 24 hours inside freezer

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, can have built top, put inside freezer to deposit, but also cannot exceed 24 hours, warm milk is taken when needing implement or add hot drink to use with boiled water also have not cannot.

 Milk powder was not drunk can put how long

3, had fed feed milk powder is drunk inside a hour

If good milk powder has given bubble baby,fed one part, still remain one part to was not drunk, should want to be drunk inside 1 hour, exceed this time, did not want a darling to drink, also need not be refrigerated or heat, the proposal falls directly.

PS: Do not put the milk of strong mix up in all the time as far as possibleShanghai night net

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Warm milk implement go up, because of warm milk implement go upForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Bacterium is progenitive, plus the grandma itself causes a bacterium easily, so the meeting that do a grandma deteriorates very easily.

 Milk powder was not drunk can put how long

What does the measure of strong bubble milk powder have

1, water must complete boil, do not use hot water of electric heat water bottle, did not amount to boiling point because of its or boil time is insufficient.

2, do not rush with clean water or mineral waterShanghai night net

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Milk powder. Clean water lost the mineral element of ordinary tap water, and mineral water because itself is mineral content is more, and complex.

3, the milk powder quantity of strong attune and water quantity must press the directive on coal tub to develop bubble, too thick or milk chroma is too rare, what all can affect baby is healthy.

4, the milk powder with good bubble falls in the case that had not taken, normal temperature is deposited cannot exceed 2 hours.

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5, the milk powder of strong mix up cannot again boil, the structure that can make the nurture such as protein, vitamin qualitative produces change, lose original nutrient value thereby.

Above is right milk powder was not drunk can put how long solve, hope to be able to be helped somewhat to everybody. The powdered milk that did not drink commonly can deposit a hour only, because relapse,heating grandma quality is not very good, do not point to milk powder only, the ort in the life also cannot be heated with relapsing, can produce bad material easily, ate meeting diarrhoea. Suggest to notice more.