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The practice of dumpling is varied, for instance steamed dumpling makes dumpling skin namely with dough made with boiling water, put dumpling in the evaporate on a pot for steaming food directly next. Of course, besides this kind of practice, people is being returned at ordinary times prefer decoct dumpling, having a kind of way is gold fried dumpling, flavour is very good, Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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The beautiful on mouthfeel. Nevertheless a lot of friends state he still won’t be done, so, the practice of dumpling of gold fried dumpling is after allFall in love with the sea

Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone
Where is what?

What is the practice of dumpling of gold fried dumpling?

Gold fried dumpling is simple and easy the practice measure of edition

Prepare raw material, meat stuffing and dumpling skin (Jing Feng is the meat stuffing of horse’s hoof pig that the used dumpling that make an egg remains already mix up expected, if be the pork that try to win sb’s favor uses if be being done from the beginning,Mei Jia enters a few ginger, salt, egg white, water starch, oyster sauce, soy mixes divide evenly can)

Small fire of a few oil is added to put fried dumpling inside the boiler after fried dumpling has been wrapped (put fried dumpling one by one, touch the or so rock after oil to be carried again, not such ability won’t stick boiler)

Use water starch 15-20 milliliter cold water smoothA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Decoct of fried dumpling bottom comes golden when irrigate the amylaceous fluid of mix up, build good boiler instantly next (the lid that build boiler is very crucial! ) . The simmer in water of succeed add small fire that the boiler on the lid covers is controlled 8 minutes, ten million cannot open boiler lid during this, opened vapor to run the on half part of fried dumpling with respect to evaporate not ripe.

What is the practice of dumpling of gold fried dumpling?

Open boiler to build, boiler ground simmer in water gave a crust of cooked rice. Come down fried dumpling jab with the chopstick next (do not go directly stampLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Fried dumpling bottom, want to go in from the rice crust jab of outer lane, such ability won’t fried dumpling bottom tear)

Fried dumpling bottom is golden crisp, upside is sweet soft goluptious, him taste suits on collocation again dip in makings

The skill that make

Fried dumpling has exquisite, must use pan, wipe an oil slightly, had placed fried dumpling shipshapely, want to endure, on a few water should be sprinkled equably when decoct, had better use the jug aspersion that has small mouth, in order to be aspersed in place of fried dumpling aperture, made infiltration pan is bottom had better. The boiler on the lid is built, decoct bake in a pan after 23 minutes, sprinkle water again. Again decoct bake in a pan 23 minutes, againShanghai noble baby

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Aspersion. Can drench right now oily a few. After about 5 minutes can edible. When be being taken out with shovel, be together repeatedly with 56, bottom shows golden scene, periphery and upside are a bit soft, reeky, for optimal. When feeding, the skin has fragile have continous, stuffing also rots also crisp, aroma is tangy, the aftertaste is boundless. It is one happiness is enjoyed really also.

What is the practice of dumpling of gold fried dumpling?

The stuffing of fried dumpling, also be like dumpling stuffing, but meat or fish but element, but pig hotpot, but seafood, but game, use up the hobby in the person just. Old times Xi’an basketry city mouth has ave bamboo on the west the old store of one monopolistic fried dumpling, quite welcome. Xi’an fried dumpling, the habit is stuffing with pork leek, mix reach balm with yellow face sauce, sweet and bright. I am willing to add a bit egg, dried small shrimps again, in order to add delicious flavor. The person that have fun at, just as well tries. Fried dumpling is famed gust fastfood, among them, the fried dumpling of paddy sweet house is chosen with its makings is rigorous, make careful, tone is beautiful and famed Gu Cheng. 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Anxious stuffing of finished product skin is tender, colour and lustre is yellow anxious, delicious excessive mouth.