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Should have eaten Bao young meal this cate, bao young meal calls meal of made of baked clay Bao again, it is the cate of completely of a lubricious fragrance, meal of young of the Bao that make, need preparation bacon, chop, beef, green vegetables feed capable person, the taste of Bao young meal that makes is very sweet, return compensatory and can rich nutrition, teach everybody to use electric rice cooker to do Bao young meal today, made move is as follows.

What is the way that electric rice cooker makes Bao young meal?

The first, practice one

Advocate makings

Thailand aromatic rice one person a bowl of extensive pattern sausage half jins

Complementary expect

On the west orchid a kind of dried mushroom 6

1. feeds capable person: Aromatic rice of platoon of earthnut, walnut, costal region and Thailand.

2. general earthnut is abluent, immerse 30 minutes with clear water.

Aromatic rice of 3. general Thailand is abluent, one-time add sufficient right amount clear water.

4. enters dipA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
The earthnut of bubble.

Platoon of 5. general costal region is abluent, bright is ironed.

6. is put into arenaceous boiler.

7. builds boiler shell, big baked wheaten cake leaves.

8. lies between the lid that put bowl with the chopstick, spill over in case.

9. is boiled to grain of rice ropy, scoop up foamy.

10. puts abluent walnut.

11. puts right amount salt to flavor.

12. can involve fire.

What is the way that electric rice cooker makes Bao young meal?

The 2nd, practice 2

1. egg infiltrates in the bowl.

2. fore-and-aft break up becomes egg liquid.

3. adds one spoon milk, two spoon half cool boiled water, mixture mix is even.

After 4. sift out, fall into evaporate bowl.

Boiled water is heated inside 5. boiler, put the evaporate bowl of the fluid that hold an egg into 10-15 of the evaporate in boiler minute, toFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum
Till egg a thick soup is ripe.

6. carrot piece thoroughly cook.

7. cuts two big water and 6 Xiaoshui to drip like the graph, comprise the form of two small fish.

8. drips in flood round head one aspect of the matter cuts piscine mouth, put into the egg a thick soup with ripe evaporate, place small fish model. Put black sesame seed to become an eye, do aquatic with silk of a few cucumber, sweet green leaf cuts a circlet to do bleb.

9. removes boiler additionally to put gallinaceous essence, soy, salt and water, make it of thin Gorgon euryale is ticked off with water starch after boil a bit thick stiff soup juice, drip again on a few balm, irrigate egg a thick soup to go up.

10. exceeds a thick soup of small fish egg of bud to had been done.

What is the way that electric rice cooker makes Bao young meal?

The 3rd, practice 3

1. boiler bottom wipes oil, according to the methodological stew rice of stew rice. Section of extensive pattern sausage, section of a kind of dried mushroom, if the graph is placed,orchid copies water on the west.

Prepare makings juice: Unripe draw 2 spoon, soy one spoon, oyster sauce one spoon half agitate divide evenly. Wait for rice to jump topple after boiler stew ten minutes can.

The 4th, electric meal BaoFall in love with the sea

Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone
The practice measure of meal of edition Bao young

1, had better choose aromatic rice, a bit profit that electric meal Bao makes need not shift to an earlier date namely bubble rice, the rice after washing clean and water scale 1: 1.5, nodding on a few dribble but archives of meal of open Bao young, it is OK also to if do not have archives of Bao young meal,choose essence of life to boil. 2, can prepare burden next, it is good that banger section jumps over Bao Yue, ginger silk a few, xianggu mushroom section, rape is bigger gash with knife end up to leaf from the beginning, ginger silk render is put first when seeing the time of next rice still be remained 20 minutes, banger, Xianggu mushroom is entered in ordinal code, rape

3, the soul of Bao young meal is juice of that bowl of makings, candy, old smoke, spoon of balm half and half, oyster sauce, Bai Shui each one spoon, two spoon are unripe finally take mix even, infiltrate one lays an egg in past rice cooker right now, latency time arrived to pour makings juice agitateFall in love with the sea

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Can leave equably eat.

Love Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea