Youtube is sowed advocate Shank shared a palm machine that he makes, piiWii, can guess from the name come out, this is one confuses your Wii lead plane. This PiiWii is almost perfect and reductive of Wii lead plane play a way, used Wii lead plane equal hardware configuration, can run the game on any NGC and Wii platform, those who include Wii to go up is self-restrained simulator. Although PiiWii is done not have inside the body sense controller of buy, but handle of sense of wireless body of the pushbutton position that can use NGC and Wii. PiiWii used 3.5 inches of screen, offerred stereo loudhailer, designed low n indicator light. Handle uses the imitate signal rocker of NGC, suit to play very much ” big melee of Ren Tiantang star ” . PiiWii does not support CD, shine through 128G however save file to disk read play. The bulk of PiiWii is mixed probably original GBA is about the same, time of batteries add boat is 4-5 hour about. Overall for it is product of a special exquisite. But very regretful is this product cannot be measured produce put on sale, after all machine of mountain fastness of a certain sale + the American Rapper of simulator just identifies Song. Do not cross video or can look: