Believe each netizen has known Tecent besides in socialization and game two big board piece having breathtaking result, they also had begun layout movie and TV now. The netizen exposes to the sun now gave Tecent UP2016 calendar, we see ” demon animal world ” the film will be shown in home in June this year!

From the calendar discovery of the spot, tecent will show 7 motion pictures 2016, include to get attention fully among them ” demon animal ” the film, show time to be in surely June. In addition, by Gu Man original work novel adapts ” laugh slightly very bend city ” , novel of Guo Jingming original work adapts ” the rank of nobility is slash ” decide archives to will be shown in August.

Additional, news briefing will exposure 2 brand-new end swims ” the road of banish ” and ” igneous cause plans ” , ” adventurous island 2 ” , ” animal person must die ” , ” sword of search of new shooting star is recorded ” also will announce latest news in the spot.

Use free field, tecent general and negotiate cooperation talking about a company, introduce formally ” the alluring woman’s tail ” , ” book of incident of golden Tian Yi’s teenager ” , ” head character D ” , ” cosmic brother ” , ” cherry of demon card girl ” wait for work.