Before period of time, dishini ever had had serious attempt in game line of business, with role of subordinate and numerous character development is achieved formerly and derive game work, but their adventure did not go down continuously, dishini shut most game to develop atelier later. Nevertheless a person thinks Dishini should return game industry now, that is Warren Spector of legend game stylist. He ever joined Dishini to participate in development to pass ” legend mickey mouse ” , so he so look to have special reason certainly. He expresses, “Dishini is controlling so much copyright in the hand, if just become the company of an accredit, too regretful. ” the masterpiece of Spector has ” kill a tight encirclement ” and ” network an ingenious military move ” , have epoch-making sense. He cooperated at Dishini 2010 rolled out Wii lead plane exclusive game ” legend mickey mouse ” , that work is a his sales volume is highest. But the add that faced much platform to roll out 2012 later is made fail to achieve sales volume goal however. The result brought about Dishini to shut the Junction Point atelier that he guides directly. Dishini begins to fade out of game market gradually later, nevertheless ” Dishini is infinite ” series still achieves beautiful performance. But be in when the 4th is being developed, dishini decides to close halt this project, and remove market of play of go on a journey from now on, develop game of one party no longer, give other sport company brand authorization however. We saw Dishini and EA collaboration are rolled out later ” strategic defense initiative ” , and free power popular series movies ” avenger is allied ” also gave Ainikesi undertakes Shikeweier game is changed. Will look at present, dishini still a bit does not want to undertake game of one party is developed. It have which company hardly is OK to have which company hardly with Dishini the copyright brand of at hand places on a par, they have a large number of classical animation parts not only, from Mi Ji mice arrives ” strange predestined relationship of ice and snow ” , and still have a lot of film universes, free power, strategic defense initiative, jones waits indiana a moment. After they buy 21 centuries Fox, copyright library was joined again ” abnormity ” and ” iron blood soldier ” etc. Although Spector has been Dishini to work no longer, but he also does not have at a loose end. At present he is being developed ” network an ingenious military move 3 ” . He expresses, if Dishini again call he, he will ” the heart beats to go back immediately. He will ” the heart beats to go back immediately..