On the activity of card card sport that holds recently, PS4 and Switch game ” card war forerunner person EX ” defined game formally external appear on the market date, this game will take the lead in appearing on the market in Japanese area on September 19, 2019. Game ” card war forerunner person EX ” story and original work have very big correlation, not only the part in original work comes on stage all, and still will join achieve a part formerly. What the story tells about is to go up the hero of high school is a fellow that fights every day, sen Chuansheng of soldier of the person that encounter forerunner after the sea, begin to contact card to battle. Buy hypostatic edition ” card war forerunner person EX ” can you still obtain card ” ト of イ of ペ of ル of カ of エ ク ス ? ザ ? ー of タ of ブ ラ ス ” as be in charge of especially. By Furyu development makes ” card war forerunner person EX ” will on September 19, 2019 put on sale, land PS4 and Switch platform.