Although ” strategic defense initiative: Front 2 ” and EA cancelled an open world recently ” astral battle ” game, the prospective collaboration between Rangdishini and EA cheated a shadow, but according to Dishini CEO Robert Allen Iger is the closest make known one’s position, dishini still can not maintain collaboration with EA. Investor conference declares to go up in the closest money, iger was asked about video game will how in the confluence development to company future. Iger reply says, dishini is good at doing the business of a lot of respects, but distributing game is not however among them one of, the form that continues to pass accredit. Iger says Dishini actually before ever also tried a lot of kinds of approach that oneself issue, but still feel video game accredit suits them more finally. “To video game, we understand the scope of this business apparently. But old since, well-known, we had tried ego to issue. We were bought swim company, sell again next. We bought studio, next we are shut again. These year come we discover, we not quite be good at doing ego to issue, but we are done very well in accredit respect, apparent latter does not need too much capital allocation. We went to allocation of funds other way, although we can have more investment on game of course, but what we still decide to suit us most is accredit, is not to issue. ” as to the relation with EA (” astral battle ” series) , iger states Dishini can continue very likely in the future this paragraph of relation. “We and object of accredit of wh some of which square relationship is very good, be in with EA especially ” strategic defense initiative ” the relation on IP. We will continue very likely to maintain trade collaboration, deliver our fund to other place. We are good at making the movie, teleplay, thematic park, houseboat and other side, but in issue we cannot be achieved forever namely on game equal position. But in issue we cannot be achieved forever namely on game equal position..