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The revolve on the female person with slim figure, if woman of a graceful has gone at the moment from 29 men, so their topic is adequate level of this woman curve for certain, 3 how much to surround; But on the figure that the man puts energy in oneself rarely however, comfortable also to the requirement of own figure a lot of. The man perhaps does not know why to be met is this kind of appearance, probably as a child they are engrafted feminine beauty is together repeatedly with the body, as to the man, goodSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Resemble wanting only rich, have situation, even if one caboodle holds out advanced face to hold off the line of sight, abdominal fat that toe needle loses sight of even oneself just as well. Nevertheless, if you still want to be in todayShanghai night net

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Watchful man, so your figure cannot be ignored absolutely!

Man and beauty differ only really " line " (1)

What important curve does the man’s body have? By go up and falling should be to have the chest muscle, strong arm, abdomen that does not have flesh of go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married, strong double buttock a bit, had better deserve to go up again slender have sarcous crus a bit. This kind can go up from natant player body close to perfect posture or be the discovery on mannequin body.